It has been an honor and privilege to serve you as City of Canton Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem for the past three years, and I kindly ask you to support me for reelection this November.

When I ran in 2013, my goals and platform included the creation of a strategic plan for the city, grow our local economy, fiscal responsibility to keep taxes low and reducing debt, infrastructure repair and serving the citizens of Canton with civility and integrity. I am proud to say I have lived up to these promises, but there is still a lot of work to be done as we continue to move Canton forward. Here are some of the highlights of my tenure as Councilman:

Strategic Plan – I served as co-chair of the committee to update our LCI and create a phase one master plan for downtown and the River Mill district. I helped to secure a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to cover the majority of this work, and the plan was completed in 2016. The full plan can be found here: I will continue to push for expanding our strategic plan for the rest of the city, including the Sunnyside/Marietta Road and South Canton districts. This plan, and subsequent ones, will continue to inform the Mayor and Council as we make strategic decisions for new economic development and infrastructure needs in the years ahead. In addition, the plan guides our mission to maintain the unique character of our city while we position it for future, intelligent growth.

Economic Development – In the first year of my term, I worked with city staff to create, design and launch an ABC Guide for New Businesses. The guide has been extremely helpful in streamlining the process for future business owners, and it has even inspired other cities to create their own versions. The guide can be found here: In addition, I have worked with my fellow Council members, Mayor, City Manager and staff to actively recruit new businesses while growing and supporting our existing ones. I took an active role in negotiating the land swap deal with CCSD, protecting the historic assets of the former Canton Grammar School and Mill Office. I also worked with others to recruit a developer to renovate, restore and expand the mixed-use site for new restaurants, shops, businesses and future residential infill.

Fiscal Responsibility – I am very proud to say this Council has worked diligently to keep taxes low during my tenure, and we even cut taxes for 2017. In addition, we continue to pay down our debt in a deliberate and expedited manner. I spend a great deal of time reviewing the City’s annual budget, and I question any unnecessary spending on a routine basis.

Infrastructure – Last year, the Mayor and Council voted to pave more roads than any other year in our city’s history. We have also dedicated $1.5 million in SPLOST funds to pave even more in 2017. I strongly advocated for an outside assessment to map the conditions of all streets and roads in the city, resulting in a prioritization schedule to address the worst conditions based on actual data. I also served on the Water and Sewer Master Plan Committee to select the most qualified firm for this endeavor. This Master Plan will provide the City with much needed information about our entire system, necessary repairs and additional facilities to support growth over the next 50 years.

Civility and Integrity – After a rocky start, I am proud to say the Mayor and Council is more unified than ever. While we don’t always agree on specifics, we work together, with respect, to reach consensus on issues important to our constituents. Even during the most challenging situations in the first year of my tenure, I have strived to collaborate with my fellow city leaders in a dignified and respectful manner. To address the conflict and lack of decorum existing in my first year, I served on the City Manager Search and Selection Committee, and stood my ground when others essentially hijacked the process. I worked closely with the Mayor and others to finally get our current City Manager, Billy Peppers, on board, and the decision has an integral component in our progress and professional approach to serving the citizens of Canton.

These are just a few of the accomplishments I have achieved, working in tandem and partnership with fellow elected officials and leaders. If I have the honor of being reelected, I will continue to work hard to help move #CantonForward!

I have been humbled to serve as your Councilman, and I look forward to hearing the opinions, concerns and issues that will guide and inform me of the issues that are most important to you, the citizens of Canton. In the interim, I appreciate your ongoing support and ask for your vote in November.


Bill Grant
Canton City Councilman- Ward II